Grand Theft Auto 6 Mentioned in Motion Capture Actor’s Resume

Grand Theft Auto 6 Mentioned in Motion Capture Actor’s Resume July 26, 2016


[UPDATE: New evidence has emerged to support GTA 6 being in development. CLICK HERE!]

All aboard the GTA 6 hype train! WOO-WOOOOO!

September 2017 will mark four years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V (seriously…I can’t believe it’s been that long). Since that time, mum’s been the word on any sort of follow-up to the world-record-smashing hit; however, we now have a potentially exciting announcement:


Here’s a screenshot of the resume I bring to your attention:


So many questions come to mind:

• When/where will the game be announced?
• What/where will the game’s setting be? What kind of personalities/story lines can we expect?
• Bigger map? Louder explosions? Tastier, more colorful Easter eggs?
• Will it be “Grand Theft Auto 6,” “Grand Theft Auto VI,” “Grand Theft Auto Six,” or something else altogether?
• Will PC gamers get the shaft again upon initial release?
• Why am I so excited about this?
• What even is life? Oh, god…MOMMY!

This is one of those things where it’s difficult not to just go all-in on the excitement factor of the prospect, but the evenhanded dose of perspective is that this could just be a fat-finger on the keyboard of the guy updating his resume. Maybe he meant 5 instead of 6.

ORRRRR maybe he DID mean Grand Theft Auto 6 based on the fact that it’s listed above Red Dead Redemption 2. Additionally, perhaps Rockstar has already been working on GTA 6 for a year or two and went ahead and had some motion capture work done for it alongside Red Dead Redemption 2’s work. Maybe I’m just overthinking this. Or maybe not. Yes.

It’s worth noting that I’ve been doing this type of research for well over 10 years now, so I do exercise judgment when it comes to what I think is or isn’t noteworthy. Take, for instance, this example of a LinkedIn profile (translated version here) that I consider to be a false positive:

First, GTA VI is the only thing mentioned on that profile. That’s a red flag (it’s too easy and limited in scope, especially for someone who has supposedly been at Rockstar for nearly 20 years). Second, that “person” only has 2 connections. Third, Rockstar doesn’t appear to have an Argentina-based studio. Fourth, the GTA IV instead of GTA VI error. You get the picture.

Anyway, the point is that there’s really no telling what’s what at this juncture; however, there IS one particular thing I’ll be keeping an eye out for once this news starts making the rounds. I’ll elaborate on that in a future post if said one particular thing comes to pass.

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